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Is the storage space in your home or office starting to feel smaller and smaller every day? Or you are in the process of moving to a new space and your boxes need to be stored somewhere until everything is ready? If the decision where to put your belongings and how to organise them perfectly is getting harder, just call us and we will deal with this for you! We have the perfect solution: get a storage unit and declutter your space. Whether you have too many belongings, or you are in a moving process, we will be the helping hand you need. Call us today at 020 3868 2583 and ask for your free price estimate.

The Storage Benefits You Will Get In South West London

When in the search for the right storage company for your needs, there are some key points you must look for. Here are the benefits that we are offering you:

  • Excellent packing materials – the boxes that we will provide you with will not tear up or leak; they are made from durable materials and are eco-friendly and can be recycled;
  • Complete insurance – for your peace of mind, everything you decide to store in our facilities will be covered by insurance;
  • Transport service – you can call us for picking up your belongings when you decide it is time for them to go to the storage unit, and also when you decide to take them back. We will be happy to make the delivery for you;
  • Regulated access control – we have a strict control policy; only authorised people have access to our units;
  • Safety insured – our storage units are completely secured and monitored 24/7;
  • The space for your needs – whether you need a big warehouse or a small space, we can answer your inquiries;
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities – from couple of weeks to months in a row, we can get you the service that you need;
  • Around-the-clock customer care – our customer care representatives are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Set Man and Van Offers You The Perfect Storage Service

Our storage facilities can be useful to you in many situations in your personal or professional life. If you are on the move to your new home or your business needs some decluttering and expansion, we will help you with the solution. Here are some of the situations when you may want to contact us:

  • Personal items storage – if you are moving from one address to another, or simply your home starts to feel cluttered, you can rely on our storage services to keep everything organised. You will have constant access to your belongings and you can take them back whenever you need them.
  • Office storage – if your archives are growing bigger and bigger every day, or your office/industrial equipment needs to be put away for a certain amount of time, we can offer you a personal storing vault. As you know, we have complete insurance and monitoring system, so you can rest assured nothing will go missing.
  • Art storage – our units are suitable for every art owner, who needs to store his belongings in a perfect condition. We offer you perfectly ventilated, moisture-safe spaces where you can put your heirloom until it is needed again.

Contact Us For Your Storage Solution Today

Call us today and book your storage service at 020 3868 2583. We will be happy to guide you through the booking process and answer all of your inquiries. Do not forget that by blending our services together you will be able to get a lower end price!
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