Let us help you pack for your moving.Labeled packing boxes

When you are planning your removal process, whether it is home removal or office removal, make sure to plan the packing too. Proper packing is always important when you move. No matter how safe the transportation is, if your boxes are carelessly packed, you can end up with broken and damaged belongings. We can help you avoid this by providing you with the right packing materials or putting up your belongings for you.

 Our Packing Materials

We use only the strongest, most reliable boxes and wrapping materials. They will not break or tear apart from the weight of your things and will keep their shape. You can also get wardrobe cartons, which are handy in packing clothes directly with the hangers. Clear stretch wrap, bubble wrap, boxes and cartons, everything you will get is eco-friendly and can be recycled afterwards. We will provide you with more than enough to pack all of your belongings and will collect everything that you did not use.

 Here Are The Packing Service Options You Can Choose From

Self-packing service: in this option we will provide you everything that you will need for packing. Make sure to plan the time you need for this. You will be charged only for the materials that you use and you can recycle them afterwards.

Packing service: we will send our trained packing technicians to your property at the time that you need them. They will take care of the whole packing process for you. This way you can take your time with other moving preparations and not worry about wrapping everything yourself. They are experienced and will take care of your plates, glasses and cutlery, as well as lamps, TV and other fragile things. Our packing is completely secure and fully insured. Save yourself some hassle and ensure everything will arrive safely. Call us at 020 3868 2583 and ask about our booking options. Do not forget, if you blend more than one of our services together, you will get a lower end price.


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Moving housePacking List

Here we point out some packing advice for those, who are going to self-pack for their moving.

You will need plenty of time for packing. Arrange yourself some free hours, because unexpected things may come up.

    1. First, prepare your big list of tasks, for example:
      • to find removal company;
      • to find storage;
      • think about parking in your area;
      • big furniture – disassemble;
      • to arrange end of tenancy cleaning;
      • to sort all unneeded items;
      • who is going to pack (self-packing or no);
      • to do my schedule;
    2. Prepare a list of items which are needed and you are going to pack /make a priority list for all items/.
      Your boxes should be well sorted and labelled.
    3. Think about where to get rid of all unneeded items – charity, car boot sales, try eBay or else.
    4. It is a good habit to pack one room at a time. When you are done, move to the next one.
    5. Don’t forget to leave most frequently used items for last pack course and of course to leave some clothes and accessories for the last week.
    6. Think which items will be in boxes or bubble wrap and tape. Always use good packing materials and do not overfill your boxes to prevent damages. Removal companies could supply boxes and other materials which protect well.
    7. Check everything twice and reread your lists again.

We hope this information is helpful. You can enjoy your packing and moving out, or CALL US for additional help.