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1. What is the company working time?

We are flexible on that – but for late working time extra fee applies (after 7 pm).

2. In what time I could call your Customer Agents?

They are available 24/7

3. How can I use my coupon/referral for a discount?

You should declare owning a coupon/referral while booking. You can fetch it to anyone of the movers we send. They will notify the operator.

4. Is it better to book on-line?

Online booking leads to an immediate call from us. You can use it when it’s more suitable for you to accept a call instead of dialling.

5. Could You explain me the moving process?

We use Luton vans, Transit vans, loading platform, basic tools, hand trolleys, blankets, and ropes.

6. What does packing process include?

We provide the following:
Standard boxes (467x307x313mm) – if you need to pack small items, books, documents or files.
Large boxes (467x457x463mm) – best for packing kitchen appliances, kitchenware, flatware and glassware. Widely used these boxes are great both for office and home removals.
Wardrobe boxes (508x457x1244mm) – a special box with metal hanger bar inside. It’s perfect for storing and moving clothes directly with their hangers.

7. Can I self-pack and could You arrange packing materials for me?

Yes, you can. We can provide boxes and packing materials for an extra fee. We also offer packing and unpacking services for extra time payable at preferential rates.

8. How do You protect valuable items?

We are capable of handling the relocation of art and antiques with care.

9. Tell me more about the insurance.

Our removal service is fully insured for all of your stuff! Bear in mind, however, that your belonging should be packed by us for that. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your items are packed properly for the relocation process.

10. Do you place furniture and appliance in our new home?

Yes, We do place furniture.

11. When and how is the payment?

We accept cash on completion or credit card payments. For Corporate clients or Agencies, we can offer Bank wire as well.

12. How do You handle with big furniture removals?

We handle all types of furniture. For really heavy items and higher floors some extra fees will apply due to the specifications of the work.

13. Do you disassemble and re-assemble furniture?

Yes, we do that.

14. When should I book removals /in what period before the moving day/?

We offer same-day service, depending on how busy we are. Otherwise, you can schedule for whatever day suits you.

15. How long does take moving process?

There are many factors on which depends the time for any removal process. Our staff will calculate estimate time based on the amount of your belongings that will be moved plus the travel distance to the destination point. There are also other factors that affect the time needed for the move, like the parking. As close the van is to the load/unload point – as faster the job will be finished.

16. Can You tell me more about self-storage?

We have a spacious storage facility! The price is calculated on monthly basis.

17. Is there something we are not allowed to store/move?

Please bear in mind that we are not allowed to store items which are : dangerous or hazardous materials, stolen and illegal goods, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, any type of drugs, bio-hazardous items and poisons, weapons and firearms.